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I am swimming beyond my depth and validating the Dunning-Kruger Effect. I think this sentence is the most poignant sentence on Yield Curve Control and Japan's economic future and why I concur with Tobias's thesis:

"Meanwhile, his final word on monetary policy goes to great lengths to avoid committing to a philosophy or course of action." in referencing the first of three arrows in Abenomics.

The choice of a new BOJ Governor comes at a critical time in Japan's history, especially as the nation positions to seize the military initiative and strengthen its economic position relative to its saber-rattling neighbor China and its irrational (to me at least) North Korean puppet. Given the significant damage done to the Japanese economy in the wake of its cataclysmic interest rate, tax, and fiscal policies, a cycle of fits and spurts of reflation to a level of inflationary lower highs followed by a series of lower lows is likely to be the best case scenario for Japan's economic machine.

Because the downside risks seem to outweigh the risk of rocking the boat, Kishida has little choice but to stay the course and go with an Abe-era governor.

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